Fortified Tasting Gift Pack

6-pack of delicious fortified dessert wines – contains 6 x 100mL tasting bottles of Port, Muscat, Malmsey, and Topaque, plus tasting note cards.

1. Reynella 5-year-old Tawny
Australian port is now called Tawny, as the country of origin is now protecting their product name. Australian Tawny differs slightly: it is often produced from Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro or Tourigo grapes. Australian Tawny is made to a medium- to full-bodied style, with a high level of sweetness, and are aged in oak to mature. They are also fortified with brandy. The average age is 5 years old. This South Australian Tawny has flavours of caramel, dried fruit, nuts and exotic spices.

2. 8-year-old Muscat Liqueur
Liquor muscat, often referred to as brown muscat, is one of two styles of Australian wine that no other country can replicate. It is derived from the Muscat Rouge à Petite Grains grape: the name literally meaning muscat with little red berries. It is produced in warmer regions, the most famous being Rutherglen. It is aged in the barrel for a minimum of 5 years. The longer it is kept in barrel the more complex and concentrated the flavours become. Sweet and luscious with aromas of dried fruit, espresso, tobacco leaf and chocolate.

3. Rutherglen 10-year-old Muscat Liqueur
This 10-year-old Liqueur Muscat has won many gold medals and trophy’s and is one of Australia’s best. The Buller family company, established in 1921, is a recognized  leader in the art of making fortified wines. Medium dark amber-colored Muscat reveals terrific aromas of toffee, melted caramel, molasses, brown sugar, hazelnuts, and smoke. Reddish amber in colour, this rich luscious Muscat Liqueur has concentrated raisiny sweetness on the palate, with a long lingering finish.

4. Rutherglen 8-year-old Malmsey (aka Madeira)
Originating from the Portugese island of the same name, Madeira is somewhat similar to port. In Australia it is mainly grown in the Rutherglen wine region in Victoria. Madeira/Malsmey is made from Verdelho and Moscadel grape. It is also available as a dry style, like a dry sherry or Marsala, but in Australia it is mainly made as a sweet version. Often used in cooking, as the complex, rich and layered character makes it a fine substance for deglazing pans, reducing sauces and adding to salad dressings. It’s so powerfully flavored that you only really need a splash to make a difference. It has flavours of caramel, walnut oil, peaches, orange peel and burnt sugar.

5. Victorian 8-year-old Reserve Tokay / Topaque
Formerly known in Australia as Tokay, after the Tokaj-Hegyalja region in the north-west of Hungary. Tokay is made from Muscadelle grapes that are semi-dried, then picked, partially fermented, and then distilled with spirit for further aging. There is also a dryer version, but Australia mainly produces a sweet style. Rutherglen in Victoria has been producing Tokay for over 100 years. This Tokay is blended from base wine of varying ages and from different regions of Victoria, with the largest portion from the Rutherglen area. Sweet and luscious with flavours of candied fruits, honey, coffee and a distinctive cold tea character.

6. Rutherglen 8-year-old Tawny
Australia’s favourite that originated from Portugal. Traditionally a sweet red wine fortified with brandy, added before the completion of fermentation. Nowadays only wines that are made in Portugal can be called Port. We now call Port Tawny. Some of the best tawny comes from warm regions like McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Rutherglen. The tawny name comes from the darker brown or tawny colour, a by-product of its ageing process. Grape variety vary from region to region, but some of the best Tawny’s are made using grapes from older wines like Shiraz and Grenache. It has flavours of hazelnut, raisins and dried fig, burnt butter and coffee nuts. Generally aged for 5 years in oak before it is released. 10-year-old port is richer and more refined.

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