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Prospect Wines are the experts at wine fundraisers.

Wine fundraising has several great advantages for fundraising groups.

  • It has a higher ticket value than a lot of other fundraising items such as chocolates and therefore has more profit per item sold
  • wine is very popular with a large percentage of the population
  • wine drinkers need to restock their cellar on a regular basis.

We have contracts with wineries from all the major Australian wine producing regions to supply us a fantastic range of unlabelled wines at ridiculously low prices.

We then create your own fundraiser wine label, including your logo, slogan, photos, etc.

There are enormous cost savings on these wines by avoiding the expenses normally associated with running a winery marketing department, sales team, delivery service, accounts department etc.

The savings on these wines are passed over to clubs, charities, parents associations and groups for fundraising with wine.

How does it all work?

For our full instructions and a special Fundraising Wine pricelist for wine fundraisers, please click here to receive our free Fundraising Wine Information Pack.

We offer Online or paper based orders:

You can select either of our 2 systems to collect orders. With both systems you select a range of wines and sell prices to give you a great profit margin.

Paper based ordering :

  • suitable for clubs or groups that meet on a regular basis and all members live in reasonable proximity to each other for distribution of orders
  • minimum quantity for any one order only 3 bottles
  • has a limited sell period and a well defined closing date
  • keeps delivery costs down to a minimum
  • you can run several separate wine fundraisers each year

Online ordering:

    • We set up your fundraiser on a unique page on our web site (click here to see our online fundraisers)
    • your members pay all delivery fees
    • minimum quantity 6 assorted bottles per any order
    • can have a longer selling period
    • suitable for clubs, charities or institutions that have members spread over a large region or do not meet at a clubhouse on a regular basis

Click here for our free Fundraising Wine Information Pack

Your Profits

The amount of profit varies with different groups as you can set your own level of profit you wish to make. You can make between $40 to $58 per dozen. Do the sums yourself! Do you have 5 people in your group that can each collect orders for 2 dozen bottles of wine from their friends, work colleagues, neighbours and relatives? Collecting orders for 10 dozen bottles will make you around $400 to $580 profit. Imagine how much profit you could generate by getting all your group to collect orders.

We have had many successful fundraisers over the previous few years. One group in NSW was raising funds to send their children on an overseas trip and sold 1600 bottles! Of course not all fundraisers are that big, and we are happy to work with any size group.

We have no minimum quantity we impose on fundraising groups.

Easy To Organise:

Selling wine for fundraising is easy to organize, unique & different, offers exceptional value for money and can make your group lots of profit. We do all the hard work; you make fantastic profits.

Gone are the days of having to buy wine in bulk and do your own bottling. No more mess. No more printing of labels. No left over wine.

Your group does not have to pay for any wine in advance and you do not need to commit to any purchase quantity.

We handle the sale of the wine through our liquor licence, so your group is not selling wine and may not require a liquor licence.

We even process all the credit cards and do not charge any fee.

We design and print your own personalised wine label with your logo or photo.

When we process the orders, we individually pack each persons order so that you do not have to worry about splitting up the orders.

And on top of that we give a money back guarantee on the quality of our wine.

Click here for our free Fundraising Wine Information Pack

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